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Tango con Camila Arriva y Federico.jpg

So 19.05.2024
Tango con Camila Arriva y Federico Aguirre (ARG)

Mannheim - Kulturbrücken Jungbusch

Beginn: 19 Uhr


Wir laden zum Konzert mit Camila Arriva und Federico in den Jungbusch ein, bei gutem Wetter Openair.

Kartenreservierung Nachricht an 015252091068

Tango-Sängerin aus Argentinien und in Berlin ansässig. Camila hat einen Abschluss in Musik und Gesang und und ein Diplom in Tango an der National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires. Sie hat an den berühmtesten Orten der Tangoszene von Buenos Aires gesungen und mit mehreren argentinischen Bands zusammengearbeitet.

Graduated from the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires with a degree in Musical Arts and Singing and a certificate in Tango, Camila Arriva is an eclectic Argentinean singer. (Camila)

As the vocalist of Camila Arriva Grupo, she sings tango – both classic and new – in a band whose purpose is to make people dance. This new project was born in Buenos Aires in 2020. In 2021 she released her album "Mujeres", featuring a repertoire of classical and new tangos written by women composers. In 2022 they released volume 2 and in 2023 they recorded an EP of four instrumental tangos with the support of their followers.

In a more intimate atmosphere, Camila sings with Lola Rosa in Argentina making a tribute to Nina Miranda and with Federico Aguirre during her European Tour. In addition to her work on stage, Camila is committed to bringing music closer to the general public, she organizes musicality workshops in several German cities, which allow participants to explore tango through singing. Her extensive experience as a voice teacher and her choir director training are at the core of the success of these workshops.


Federico Aguirre is an argentinian musician born in the city of Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started training as an accordionist at a very young age and he is currently one of the leaders of his generation. He currently works as a professional tango pianist and is director of the artistic production company "Miya Productions". (Federico)

Winner of several international awards, among which is the "Fidelio Award" of Madrid and the OBC productions award. He is the creator of the book for musical education of children, "Viaje en acordeon", where compositions of his own with Latin American rhythms are compiled. He has participated as an accordionist and pianist in international tours in Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Tokyo, Japan, in February 2020. Among his work, we can find his recent album "Barrio", released in January 2020; accordion and voice soloist album with his own compositions. He is also the creator of the original music for the tv serie “El Otro Dia”. He has shared the stage with very important figures on the current musical scene and has recorded as an accordion session player on 46 albums.

Together they have already performed several concerts in the most popular milongas in Berlin such as TangoLoft, Mala Junta, TTMS and Acquaforte.

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