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Sa 10.09. 21h

Trenchtown Train (Reggae/ Italien)

Trenchtown Train is a Reggae band formed in Livorno (Tuscany) from the evolution of a theTrenchtown Trio, a combo that has been performing, since 2008, almost the complete Bob Marley's discography in an acoustic set.

The trio was originally composed by Luca Valdambrini (founder of the project) on vocals, guitar and Fender Rhodes piano, Fabio Michelazzi (percussions) and Gabriele Lessi (lead guitar). They have been playing at any kind of parties, from small venues to larger audience and outdoor events, gaining a considerable local reputation as one of the most interesting Reggae projects.
During 2013 Fabrizio Balest (bass), Fabio Marchiori (keyboards) and Gianni Apicella (drums, percussions) completed the band which started shortly after composing their own music.
The main idea is to basically preserve a traditional Roots Reggae attitude in the music, but contaminating it with influences and sounds from other genres.
Luca started composing the tracks included in the EP taking inspiration from pop/rock, surf and beach music, also because of his past experiences and knowledge, although he has always been a Reggae music listener, fan and singer. While the rhythm section shows a modern approach mostly inspired by the new production, especially coming from California, the result is a balanced mix between tradition and brand new refreshing sounds.
"Trenchtown Train" (out in May 2016) is the first product released by the band.

Luca Valdambrini - guitar and vocals
Francesco "Blues" Luongo - lead guitar
Fabrizio Balest - bass
Fabio Michelazzi - drums
Nicola Venturini - piano & organ
Marco Passerai - clav & rhodes

Time Can Never Be Better (TrenchTown Train original)
Own Creation (TrenchTown Train original)
Jammin' (Bob Marley cover)

Eintritt gegen Spende für die Musiker

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