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Mi 11.10. 20h

Hikury Beach (Surf from Mexiko)

Hikury Beach is a surf fusion mexican band that fuses latin rythms with surf, rock, funk and traditional mexican rhythms. Conceptually takes influence of the Mexican cinema silver era caracterized by heroes and masked fighters, adding the mexican popular culture.

Hikury Beach is a band full of energy spreading in each place they play. Good music, rock and roll, dancing and mexican party are part of every show of this great funny and amused band. 

Mitglieder der Band
CHAVAL EL BRAVO (Guitarra & Voz) 
BERTI-GO (Teclado & Sax)
LUIGI BAHIA (Bajo & Coros) 
MAZA (Batería) 
CHOCHE BEACH (Percusiones & Coros)

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