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Do 8.12. 20h

L'Arbre Bizarre

Noise / Grunge / Post Rock / Psychedelic Shoegaze

„ALLES IST „POST“… „POST“ ist das Codewort für Ratlosigkeit, die sich im Modischen verfängt“ (Beck, 1986)
L'ARBRE BIZARRE sind weder ratlos, noch verfängt sich ihre Musik in irgendwelchen Moden.
Die Bretter werden hier ganz weit aufgedreht, Fuzz, Bass, und Delay reingehauen und ab geht die wilde Post.
Das 2010 gegründete Basler Quintett benutzt die Musik der Post-Punk-Ära als Schmelztiegel für andere musikalische Einflüsse wie Noise, Grunge, Post Rock, Psychedelic und Shoegaze. Diese erfrischende Herangehensweise führt zu unvorhersehbaren, überraschenden und vielschichtigen Songs.
L’ARBRE BIZARRE haben ihre neue Platte BOKEH mit im Gepäck.

Founded in 2010, this Basel-based quintet uses music from the post punk era as a melting pot for other musical influences like noise, grunge, post rock and psychedelic shoegaze. This fresh approach results in very unpredictable, surprising and multi-layered songs. Much like the branches of an old, skew-whiff tree in the foggy twilight. In May 2014 the first album „DISTORTED REFLECTIONS“ (recorded, produced and mixed by Navel’s Jari Antti) was released.

“Lots of guitar in minor, on the level singing, gloomy psychedelic wave, plenty of bass and a dark, angry 80s influence. No slabbing on the whole album, everything is good. “Distorted Reflections”, an absolutely entertaining mixture of post punk, gothic, shoegaze and alternative rock.”

"L’ARBRE BIZARRE: The sound of this quintet may indeed be compared to the beauty of a gnarled old oak tree; a fascinating oeuvre with lots of unpredictable turns, whose roots lie with the dark Velvet Underground as well as the cranky Pavement. An insider’s tip!"

"L’ARBRE BIZARRE will fill the room with obscurity. This Basel-based band pays respect to the post punk era but manages time and again to break out of darkness with the help of violins, post rock parts and a bright voice."

"L’ARBRE BIZARRE do definitely not tick like the much stereotyped Swiss watches, but from time to time they let one second disappear in order to stretch the next one. So there are rough corners and edges and this is good that way."

"A hint of americana, a pinch of retro, not too little new wave and not too much optimism – it’s like Velvet Underground have written the score to a French film noir. This tree (l’arbre = tree) may look bizarre but it creates fascinating sounds."

Kevin Seiler / vocals, guitar, synth
Andri Mahler / guitar
Florian Denzinger / guitar, synth, violin
Sven Seiler / bass
Thomas Bachmann /drums

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