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So 08.10.2023 18 Uhr
La Fayu-k - Ska from Mexico
Mannheim - Kulturbrücken Jungbusch


It is presented for the first time in Germany, from Tepito Mexico City, La fayu-k. An explosion of Latin ska, with the best show in Mexico at the moment.
A gifted artist from Mexico City named La Fayu-K is a great maestro of ska and reggae music. He has enthralled listeners not only in his native country but also all across the world with his beautiful songs and contagious rhythms.
His music is influenced by the rich reggae traditions of Jamaica and smoothly incorporates them with the bouncy ska spirit. Groovy basslines, bright horn parts, and strong vocals that radiate both passion and authenticity combine to create La Fayu-K's distinctive style. He plays and sings with a tremendous passion and grasp of the music's history permeating every note and word.
The music of La Fayu-K has the ability to teleport listeners to a world of unfettered delight and upbeat feelings. His music spreads messages of harmony, love, and social awareness as a celebration of life. He effortlessly interacts with his audience with his contagious enthusiasm and captivating stage presence, providing an outstanding live performance that leaves everyone wanting more.
La Fayu-K is a great luminary in the worlds of ska and reggae. His music is proof of the ability of music to bridge divides and unite people. He has clearly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the international reggae and ska scene with his alluring melodies and moving lyrics. So get ready to groove to La Fayu-K's seductive sounds and let his music transport you to a world of unadulterated musical bliss.
Il est présenté pour la première fois en germany, depuis Tepito Mexico City, La fayu-k. Une explosion de ska latino, avec le meilleur show du moment au Mexique.
Se presenta en VALLECAS LA FAYU-K, banda de ska latino directamente desde TEPITO CIUDAD DE MEXICO, una de las mejores bandas en la actualidad de latinoamerica, con musica alegria y baile te haran vibrar y tener el mejor show de tu vida, no te lo pierdas!!!!!
Se presenta por primera ves en alemania, desde Tepito Ciudad de Mexico, La fayu-k. Una explosion de ska latino, con el mejor show de Mexico en estos momentos.

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