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So 13.5. 20h

Surfer Joe (Livorno, Italy) Surf und Bellsparx

All 60s surf music and instrumental music.
Influenced by anyone playing a guitar into a reverb tank and a loud Showman amp!

Surfer Joe & Band sind eine der derzeit aktivsten Surfbands weltweit. Sie nehmen die Tradition des klassischen Sounds der 60er und bringen diese mit einer energiegeladenen und lauten Show von Reverb-Hall getränkten Gitarren und verrückten Drums in die Zukunft!

Supported werden Surfer JOE von der Mannheimer Surfpunk-Band BELLSPARX, Danke schön!

Die Show zeichnet sich durch Eigenkompositionen - sei es von der Boss Combo direkt oder von der Vorgängerband, den Wadadli Riders - und einigen Klassikern des Genres aus. Surfer Joe & His Boss Combo zeigen, wie stark Surfmusic sein kann, in dem sie raue und aggressive Klänge mit Blues und brillanten Melodien vereinen.

Ihre Musik baut auf Dick Dales Gitarrenspiel auf, treibt durch von Punk- und Hardcore geprägten Rhythmus enorm nach vorn und kann doch im Wesentlichen immer noch zur Surfmusic mit seinen typischen Merkmalen gezählt werden.

Die Band ist fast Vollzeit auf Tour in der Welt und hat dabei jede Art und Größe an Bühne und Publikum mit ihrer Musik eingenommen.
Obwohl sich die Show der Boss Combo mehr für große Konzerthäuser eignet, fühlen sie dich durchaus im Stande ein kleineres Publikum begeisternd zu unterhalten.
Gebt ihnen einfach eine Gitarre mit Reverb und sie kümmern sich um den Rest!

Lorenzo Surfer Joe is truly one very active figure in modern surf music. Basically present to any world surf music event as artist or organizer, Lorenzo has collected an experience of way more than a thousand concerts since the late 90s. Constantly on tour in Europe and USA, Lorenzo had the honor to play on guitar or drums with several surf legends and he has shared the stage with many surf bands.

Co-organizer of the yearly Surfer Joe Summer Festival, the most important surf music event in then world (
For 3 times in the line up of the Surf Guitar 101 Convention in California.
One of the headliners of the Surf-O-Rama in Spain and the North Sea Surf Festival in Holland.
Mentioned and interviewed in movies like Reverb Junkies and Sound Of The Surf or in books about surf music's history like Surf Beat by Kent Crowley.

In August 2013 Lorenzo released his first solo album, SEÑOR SURF, which is considered one of the best traditional surf music albums of the past years. Out of this album, the song The North Swell has been voted within the 100 best surf revival songs ever.

In April 2012 he opens in Livorno, Italy, together with the brother Luca and a friend, the Surfer Joe Diner, the only American Diner dedicated to surf music where periodically they are hosted concerts and international events (

When talking about surf music with Surfer Joe you don't look for compromises: REVERB, high rhythms and great energy! It is a concert that looks back to the origins of the genre, but shows its evolution and variety, going from the heavy Dick Dale sound to lounge and progressive atmospheres, always keeping an eye on the melody and the quality of the arrangements.

The Antiguan Years
On December 2004 Lorenzo left Italy and moved to Antigua, in the Caribbean, where he stayed until February 2011. In those years he formed the WADADLI RIDERS considered the first and only surf band ever from that region.

The band was a trio line-up that Lorenzo started on drums changing to guitar one year later. Wadadli Riders were a traditional surf band, with a pretty classy style and several good original tunes next to a long list of classic covers. They produced an album in July 2009, titled Made In Antigua, which has gone around the world and released on CD and vinyl (Surfer Joe Music / Green Cookie Records).


(Alternative, Surfpunk, Instrumental from Mannheim)
bellsparx , genuinely appear to be far more like a gang of real musicians who happened, quite fortuitously, to meet as a result of their mutual passion of — eccentric rock that rarely finds airplay in big consumer radio and enjoy designing, producing, recording and playing their own brand of powerful sound and dissonant harmonies.

bellsparx forays into instrumental never never lands and their own instrumental arrangements of strangely familiar songs. They snatch the listener by the ear and send them on a sonic adventure in which they might not want to return.

The band members hail from unlikely parts of the world, Ralf Philipp Tittisee Germany, Jens Kannengießer Karl-Marx-Stadt, GDR and Mike Lambertson Dayton Ohio, USA. As one can imagine, with these diverse origins, many influences gush onto a sonic platter and coagulate into savagely beautiful arrangements.

The bellsparx brain of musical implementation is very important to the creativity of the music:

Mike’s string and amps lend essential muscle as well as a touch of stoner to the musical mixture.

Jens’ inextricably tortured GDR Volksamp and Jap Bass, give the listener the feeling that they are about to be arrested be the Stazi.

Ralfs’ lumberjacking bong hits glue the formation together. But always be on the lookout for some concussive surprises!

And that's just the beginning! You may think our hands are full? There is always a hand or a foot on the bellsparx COLD-WAR-SYNTH!

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