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The Trip Takers (60's Psychedelic Garage

Mi 24.4. 20h

The Trip Takers (60's Psychedelic Garage Mod Music)

Kulturbrücken Jungbusch e.V.

Böckstr.21, 68159 Mannheim

60's Psychedelic-Garage-Mod-Music im Mersey-Beat Stil
wie z.B. Byrds and Beatles.

The Trip Takers” project starts in September 2015 in Messina after the meeting between Carmelo Gazzè and Manuel Rotella. The first one, multi-instrumentalist with beat garage training formation and a massive list of collaborations behind (Convulsed in primis), veteran from the long-standing experience with the Out Key Hole band and with strong intent on continuing the interrupted path of Anglo-Californian’s atmospheres; the second one, young beatnik not so much attracted to the new musical trends belonging to his generation and thus on the constant research for fertile soils of the past. The band is completed by Giuseppe Mangano, with a recent past with the Out Key Hole too, and later particularly active in alternative multiform projects.

This creature is molded by personalities and influences at times heterogeneous to each other, which are well mixed with the common will to get out, from the current canonic sound, in an attempt to romantically preserve a retro style approach, purposely in a simple and genuine way.

In August 2016, the recordings of the first homonym EP so called "The Trip Takers".

"The Trip Takers" project starts from the bases left in the mid-60s by bands such as Beatles and Byrds, to incorporate psychedelic atmospheres that expand the sound, making it addictive, thanks to organ and sitar on the front line. The instrumentation used and a recording technique deliberately far from the digital, but more inclined to the effects produced by the analogic, give a birth to a disc that, even if fresh and immediate, it’s far from contemporary productions to create incredibly authentic vintage atmospheres.
After first record of The Trip Takers Ep, band starts for first promotional Tour in Italy and Germany.

Morgan Maugeri - lead guitar & vocals
Manuel Rotella - rhythm guitar, harmonica & lead vocals
Carmelo Gazzè - bass guitar & vocals
Giuseppe Mangano - drums & percussion
Simone Di Blasi - organ & vocals

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